A Journey That Wasn’t

a film by Pierre Huyghe
Super 16mm & HD > HD Digital Disc & 35mm, 22 minutes, 2006


Script: Pierre Huyghe
Image: Maryse Alberti, Bruno Romiguiere
Sound: Francesca Grassi
Editing: Constance Vargioni
Fx: Marie Gascoin
Original score: Joshua Cody, Elliot Sharp
Soundtrack: Wollman Ice Rink Symphonic Orchestra
Production (Paris): Corinne Castel
Production (New york): Melissa Dubbin
Produced by anna sanders films, Marian Goodman Gallery
With the support of Bateau Tara V and the team, Withney Museum (NY), Public Art Fund (NY), Musée d’art moderne de la ville de Paris , Tate modern , Ircam