Marfa Mystery Lights

a concert for the UFO’s

a film by Charles de Meaux
With The Secret Machines : Brandon Curtis / Benjamin Curtis / Josh Garza
35 mm, 66 minutes, 2008

Original soundtrack by The Secret Machines

Director: Charles de Meaux
Original language: English
Script: Charles de Meaux
Cast: The Secret Machines (Brandon Curtis, Benjamin Curtis, Josh Garza)
Produced by Mike Luba, Michael Gramaglia
Executive producer Texas: Howard Carrey
Production Paris: Tiana Mille
Marfa Coordinator: Ginger Griffice
Editing: Charles de Meaux , Guillaume Ledu
Original soundtrack: The Secret Machines
Live concert audio ingineer: Philip Harvey
Live concert stagehand: Carl Bluteau
Sound mix: Bruno Ehlinger
Title sequence by M/M paris
With the support of CNAP
Thanks to The Chinati Foundation, Ballroom Marfa, Philip Zu Solms (Warner Bros records)